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In the world of computers, a driver is a piece of software that allows the operating system to interact with external devices. Without a suitable driver, you cannot make use of all the features of your device, which makes drivers highly necessary and important to find. A driver for printer devices lets you take full use of your printer.

For some older printer models, drivers are often included in the operating system. Sophisticated systems like Windows 7 often feature thousands of drivers to allow for easier installation of the device. But what if your printer is newer than the system? In all likelihood you’d have to download a printer driver and install it , in order for your device to work properly. Printers often come with CDs containing the driver, but in case you lost your CD, or your printer came without one, you can always take your chances and look for a driver online. Below, we’ll cover some of the most common printer manufacturing companies and some options for procuring drivers for their machines.

Driver for Printer

free download driver for a printer

A company known as HP (short for Hewlett-Packard) is one of the top manufacturers of printers nowadays, with several different product lines – laser printers, ink spray printers, 3-in-1 scanner/printer combinations. On their site you can find a driver for printer machines of any sort, and for nearly any operating system, including the recently introduced Windows 8. The site is seemingly more intuitive than those of its competitors, you still have to spend a little time specifying which particular model your printer is and what operating system you need the driver for.

Among HP’s competitors, we’ll find Canon, a Japanese company with lots of tradition in the manufacturing of both cameras and printing equipment. Photo printers are one of the valuable types of devices offered by Canon, but just like any other sort of printer, they require drivers in order to be able to work as expected. In Canon’s website, you can find a lot of drivers as well as manuals and documentation, but the site is a bit hard to navigate through if you’re not paying your undivided attention. Alternatively, you can download drivers for your printer from various other locations.

Another Japanese company, Epson, is among the world’s leaders in computer printing technology, providing 3 main lines of printers – for extensive office use, for home use and for photograph printing. It’s one of the few companies which still offers impact dot-matrix printers, which can be quite useful in some areas, albeit being a bit noisy. Epson’s site is easy to navigate, you just need to type the model and you can download a driver for printer devices of any sort easily. For those who prefer it, the category browsing option is still available.

Experts generally recommend downloading a driver for printer machines only from the manufacturer’s website, but that can be quite demanding some times, especially if you have to look for 3 different makes and models of printer. Some sites online can help you find a driver for any printer quickly and easily, providing the drivers in one place, regardless of who the manufacturer is.

To Download Driver Printer from this site, quickly only use widget search at upper corner this site. Example if u find drivers for canon, only type “drivers canon R230″ and other model of printer.

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